Hair Loss in Women

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Hair loss in women has become a growing problem over the past few decades. Women are complaining more and more about thinning hair; there are several reasons for this type of hair loss. The major cause we find is related to hormonal imbalance, other times, hair loss is an after effect of surgery or pregnancy. Some medications, such as birth control pill, blood thinners, or anti-fungal medication can also cause hair loss in women.  Women who have had chemotherapy treatment have also experienced hair loss. And these are just a few of the many causes out there. Let’s break it down.

Diseases and Hair Loss In Women

Some types of diseases can cause hair loss in men and women; the effects of cancer being one of them. Also, one of the warning signs of diabetes is hair loss or hair thinning, for example. Specific tests need to be done to rule this or any other disease out as a cause of hair loss before you take any further action.

When Is Hair Loss In Women Normal?

Hair experts say that about seven to ten percent of a woman’s hair is in a resting period and any given point in time. This can last as long as two to three months. After this period, some hair will usually fall out allowing new hair to begin growing back immediately and can take up to six years to our out completely. Hair expert theorizes that approximately ninety percent of all hair is growing at one time. It is normal to experience hair loss on a daily basis.

Treat Your Hair with Care

The way the hair is handled can affect hair loss. When hair is always tied back, either in pigtails, ponytails, or braids it can cause a condition called Alopecia. This condition results in scarring on the scalp and prevents or prohibits new hair growth. Often, women will have various styles done to their hair to make it look better, but this can damage the hair even more.

Can Doctor Help With Hair Loss In Women?

A medical doctor may be of assistance in the diagnosis of hair loss in women. A doctor will perform an exam and ask a series of questions to help with the diagnosis. It is important to answer all questions honestly. If it is needed, a biopsy will be ordered to rule out any type of cancer.

Treatment Options For Hair Loss In Women

There are many simple treatment options for hair loss if it as a result of health issues. If the hair loss is due to medication, then a different medication can be prescribed. If the hair loss is due to infection or hormones, again medication can be prescribed. Hair loss drugs such as Rogaine and many others have been developed for hair loss for women. This medicine can be found in over the counter pharmacies everywhere and even at some beauty supply stores. There are special doctors who can offer hair transplants to women, however, it is quite expensive, and virtually all insurance companies deem this elective cosmetic surgery and do not cover it.

When All Else Fails

When all else fails, there are specialty shops that offer custom-made wigs, weaves, and hairpieces to accommodate any woman who wishes to have luxurious hair.