The Cause Of Hair Loss During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can cause many changes to take place in your body. One of these is the effect on your hair and many women experience thinning and hair loss during pregnancy. Understanding why this happens and what can be done about it will help you find ways to deal with the problem and prevent it from becoming worse. The major reason for hair loss and thinning hair is a change in hormone levels during pregnancy.

What Causes Hair Loss During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your hormone levels undergo significant changes. One of these is estrogen which is responsible in part for healthy hair growth and strength. An increased amount of estrogen is often the reason why hair suddenly starts to grow faster and thicker. An increase in estrogen naturally brings about an increase in nutrients throughout the body that will also be beneficial to the growth rate of the hair. This hormone allows the metabolism to speed up which rapidly moves nutrients to all parts of the body, including the roots of the hair.

Apart from falling or thinning hair, you may notice a change in the texture of your hair during pregnancy. Some women with straight hair have found that their hair suddenly becomes curly, while others have experienced the opposite with curly hair becoming straighter. This can be attributed to the hormone changes that affect the cortex of the hair shaft where the texture and shape of the hair originate from. Usually, the hair is restored to normal after birth when the mother’s hormones become more balanced.

Sometimes these changes occur after the birth of the baby. Many mothers notice increased hair loss for the first 3 – 6 months after giving birth. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about as it can be attributed to a drop in estrogen levels that slows down the number of nutrients available, causing the hair to fall out. After about 6 months your hair should be the same as it was before you became pregnant.

It is important to understand that the main reason for falling hair is a lack of nutrients to the body in general, which includes the roots of the hair. During pregnancy, a lack of estrogen during the first trimester is particularly prevalent when nausea and morning sickness can cause a lack of essential nutrients to sustain the mother and the baby. Therefore it is important to ensure that your body is given the right nutrients during this crucial phase of your pregnancy in order to remain healthy and prevent hair from thinning and falling out.

You may have to adjust your normal hair routine and the type of products you use during pregnancy. Your hair may become more oily or dry during pregnancy and may need different treatment products than you were used to before. Vitamins and additional supplements that are designed specifically for healthy scalp and hair will assist in ensuring that your hair will remain beautiful while waiting for your baby to arrive.