The Facts About Protective Styling

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Some people in the natural hair community do not understand what protective styling really means. Let me discuss what is so important about protective styling. When your natural hair routine does not have protection incorporated into it, that is one reason why many women fail to retain the hair length that they desire and experience excessive hair breakage.

Also, protective styling, which is a term that is accepted in the natural hair community, is limiting and leaves a very important component out. When we refer to the idea of protective styling, usually, we are talking specifically about different protective hairstyles that may keep your ends tucked away and safe – that is protection. Protective styling, however, is just one part of your journey. You need to focus your whole natural hair regimen and search for ways for incorporating additional protection overall.

Protective styling is a term that is frequently used in a limited way. If should be used to refer to the process that is used for styling your hair and not to the actual style you are choosing to wear. Whatever actual style you decide to wear should be called a protective hairstyle. If you think about it, it may be confusing, but let’s clarify why this is an important distinction.

Protective styling is all about increasing how many good things you do to your hair and it decreases how many bad things you can do to it. So let’s take a look at an example that shows how more protection can be incorporated into your natural hair routine. If you don’t take the time to be gentle when you are combing your hair, it can be easy to stress the strands of your hair and cause unnecessary breakage. In order to reduce this potential cause of damaging your hair, more protective styling can be incorporated. For example, you can use finer combing, seamless bone combs, or wide wood combs as part of your regimen.

If you do make the decision to incorporate the protective measure of finger combing, make sure to take off any jewelry that you are wearing and also be sure to have well-trimmed fingernails. Remember that this is only one example of how potential hair damage can be mitigated when you are styling your hair by incorporating protective styling into the natural hair regimen that you are following.