Why So Many Black Women are Returning to their Natural Hair!

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After so many decades of struggle, many black women are finally embracing their roots and loving their naturally curly hair. Returning to their curly black hair is not just a movement. It’s more than that. It is currently a loud expression of self-acceptance.For the longest time, a lot of black women – from the teens all the way to the professionals – rely heavily on hair relaxers or hair straightening agents to get rid of their kinks and curls. This time around, many black women are returning to their natural hair for much deeper reasons. And it’s high time that they do so.

Many black women no longer want to believe that they have to style their hair straight just to be accepted. They have come to realize that their natural look is not so bad after all and they don’t have to seek alternative ways to change the way they look. Natural is the best way to look and it’s certainly how they should be. They are slowly breaking away from what the society imposes.

These days, many black women are ditching their straight and relaxed hair. And they’re cutting them off drastically, even if it means they’ll go bald for some time. That’s how they love their natural mane now. The natural hair movement among black women is going widespread and it proudly exhibits the proud, authentic version of their self.

On top of self-acceptance, many hair experts are welcoming the change. Everybody knows that hair strengtheners and relaxers are filled with chemicals. When used repeatedly over a long time, they would cause irreversible damage to the scalp and hair.

These chemicals can burn the scalp and cause irritation. It can even destroy hair follicles, which could lead to partial baldness. Scalp diseases like eczema may also develop. All these issues can be prevented by simply decreasing the application of such chemicals on the hair.

Slowly but surely, more and more black women are realizing that curly or kinky hair is just as attractive as straight hair. Of course, half of the society is not yet ready to accept it. The hair is still a woman’s crowning glory, after all. It will take time before everybody realizes that natural hair is beautiful hair, no matter how different it looked.

Soon, the demand for hair straightening agents will go down and the needs for hair care products for naturally curly hair will go up. With many black women preferring to moisturize their mane instead of relaxing it, natural hair care stores will eventually be in high demand.

However, just because most of black women have curly hair it doesn’t mean that they are prejudiced on black women with straight hair. The choice remains theirs. And there’s no need to curl the hair if they’re naturally straight just to fit in either.

What’s more, black children are now being taught that their hair is beautiful and that they don’t have to alter or change it now or in the future. Although there’s a slight political angle to the black woman’s natural hair movement, many of the people involved are saying that going back to their roots is one of the most liberating things that they have done so far.